New Debian developer Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

I’ve been waiting for a mail with a subject like the one in the title for some time already, and it’s finally arrived at my inbox this morning!

This means I’m a DD now, and will soon start to break^Wupload things into the archive.

Big thanks to all the people that have helped and guided me since I came to Debian, including (but not limiting to) Piotr Ożarowski, Loïc Minier, Josselin Mouette and Sebastian Dröge! I also want to thank all the people involved in the NM process, including my application manager Patrick Schoenfeld.

I started in the NM queue on November 1st of last year, so overall it’s taken almost 10 months. Of them, about 1.5 were spent waiting for an AM to be assigned to me, and about 3.5 waiting for the FD and the DAM. There seems to be some room for improvement here. Let’s see what we can do.

By the way I’m not the only one celebrating. Luca has also become a DD, congrats!

PS: I turned 21 this Sunday, so this has been a nice birthday gift!

13 thoughts on “New Debian developer Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

  1. Patrick Schoenfeld

    Hey Emilio,
    nice to see you finally becoming a DD (especially since I’m lucky to help you come there). 🙂 Grats.

    Best Regards,

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