Boycott Novell

My last post about becoming a Debian Developer has, to my surprise, been linked from I wonder why it would be interesting in such a page. My guess is that it’s been included there because I mentioned “Josselin Mouette”, who has been flamed before in that page. Maybe they automatically filter several planets, and this is one of the patterns. If this is true, I think I’ll start writing Josselin Mouette, Mirco Bauer and Jo Shields somewhere in every post I write from now on (maybe hidden in a comment or in the alternate text of an image, if that works) to get my posts linked from there. It would be a funny way to publicize my blog 😀

5 thoughts on “Boycott Novell

  1. Jo Shields

    Others have a rather different attitude to being involved in Roy’s daily linkspam:

    I quote, from Compiz developer Sam Spilsbury:

    Roy, please don’t spread your bullshit by linking to my site again. I don’t want compiz to be associated with such crap. Additionally, if you keep doing so, I will fork compiz and rewrite it in mono just to piss you off.

    And then there’s

    You know you’re onto something when the founder of your wingnut site quits, calling you a nutter!

  2. nixternal

    I just got the same thing as well with my post about KDE Airplane Manager.

    @Jo – I love the “I will fork compiz and rewrite it in mono…” bit. That is classic 🙂

  3. Ana

    They link a lot stuff from different FLOSS planets. Looks like the idea is getting backlinks that increase their pagerank and be in better positions in search engines and of course, that people reading this blogs follow the link and advertise their website.


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