Working on Liferea

Since this January, I’ve been doing upstream work for Liferea. This is a great oportunity to learn C and to contribute more to an upstream project! And the atmosphere around Liferea is great. Today I’ve published my first post in the Liferea blog. If you are a Liferea user, you may want to subscribe to it!

There is a lot of work going on in Liferea. We are working hard to release 1.6 (which will use WebKit as the rendering backend) without any known regressions. Most of the performance work will likely go into the next series though, but 1.6 shouldn’t be any worse than 1.4.

If you would like to contribute, don’t be shy and join #liferea on Freenode! We have some blockers for 1.6 and some other things to do, and we will appreciate any contributions. Testing is also appreciated. We are mostly interested in the unstable series, so if you find a bug in the latest unstable release or in trunk, file a bug report!

3 thoughts on “Working on Liferea

  1. Livio

    Add a joined interface (unread news form all sources with both titles and content, Google Reader/Brief-like), pagination in this view and you can rule with this comfortable interface šŸ˜‰ .

  2. Ploum

    That’s really nice. Liferea is one of my “cannot live without it” software. On any platforms, I never found any RSS reader that was as adapted to my needs than liferea. I was sad because I thought is was abandonned and yes, indeed, there are performance problems.

    I’m really glad to see that liferea development is up and going. My suggestion would be to switch from the infamous sourceforge bug tracker/svn to a good bugtracker/dvcs (I highly recommand launchpad/bzr but anything git with bugzilla would be fine too)


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