New Maintainer

About one year and a half after my first package was uploaded to Debian, I decided to apply to become a Debian Developer last month. It didn’t happen inmediately because in order to apply you are asked whether you have read the foundation documents, the policy, the developers reference… and I didn’t want to cheat! 😀 So I took the time to read all of them, and then applied on November 1st!

Loïc Minier advocated me (thanks!) and now I’m waiting to be asigned an AM. I hope not to loose interest in the meantime 😉

6 thoughts on “New Maintainer

  1. Mez

    if there’s one thing that NM teaches you, it’s to be patient. It was over 5 months before my AM was assigned.

    Looks like you’ve got a good few packages on your list, but a lot of them are co-maintained…

    I’d suggest getting your WNPP package up and ready, and then working hard on bugs for all the packages. When you fix one, keep a note of What it was, the bug number and the changelog.

    Good luck, and remember, be patient – It’s a pain, but It’s worth it..

    I’m currently sitting here waiting for my NM to go through the final stages…

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