About backups and keys…

Hello folks.

This is my first post on the Ubuntu planet, so /me waves!

Although I would like to make a nice post to introduce myself here, I’m afraid I won’t do it [for now].
As Daniel, I’ve lost my gpg key… but I didn’t have a revoke certificate. At least the key isn’t compromised, since I’ve lost it on a HDD failure. Sad I don’t have a backup of it…

And I haven’t lost just the gpg key, but also all my /home partition. Luckily I have a recent back up, and I haven’t lost too much valuable data. But I’ve learned that hidden dirs are also important to back up!

So the 305368A1 key has joint the dead keys. New key: 4A08B2FE.

Also, and because of the disk failure, I have done a clean install of Gutsy, and it looks great. It is an amazing work. So let polish it now and make the best release we have ever seen!

One thought on “About backups and keys…

  1. Dane Gantry

    Disk failures suck, but they are constant reminder to backup keys, certificates, passwords, not just digitally, but also on a notepad that is easily accessible 😛


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